Well, for a short time I shall have a sabbatical time with the blog.

Reasons? I’m going to get certified in OpenShift Enterprise, so I have to study, but have the advantage, right? 😛
But don’t worry, soon I will be here again, so while you can take a look to other posts like:
JBoss EAP as RHEL 7 service
JBoss EAP 6.2 RBAC – Part 1

See you soon.

WildFly 9.0.0 Alpha1 released



The community has released the version 9.0.0 Alpha1 of Wildfly application server.

On downloads section of Wildfly web page it’s available but also you can download from here in ZIP format or in TGZ format.

See you soon.

WebSockets EAP 6.3, what is that?

One of the new features included on JBoss EAP 6.3 is WebSockets, but what is it?

JSR-356 define a WebSocket as a bi-directional communication mechanism between client (browser) and server, allowing simultaneous messaging. We worked with applications which client, through a request, receive a response from server, but server only send data if the client asks. With the WebSocket API, the server is allowed to send data without a request from the client, establishing a single connection (socket) between the client and the server.

But what utility has?

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