Well, for a short time I shall have a sabbatical time with the blog.

Reasons? I’m going to get certified in OpenShift Enterprise, so I have to study, but have the advantage, right? 😛
But don’t worry, soon I will be here again, so while you can take a look to other posts like:
JBoss EAP as RHEL 7 service
JBoss EAP 6.2 RBAC – Part 1

See you soon.

WebSockets EAP 6.3, what is that?

One of the new features included on JBoss EAP 6.3 is WebSockets, but what is it?

JSR-356 define a WebSocket as a bi-directional communication mechanism between client (browser) and server, allowing simultaneous messaging. We worked with applications which client, through a request, receive a response from server, but server only send data if the client asks. With the WebSocket API, the server is allowed to send data without a request from the client, establishing a single connection (socket) between the client and the server.

But what utility has?

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Language change

As they starting to visit this blog from other countries, I have decided to change the blog interface (and also posts) by adding entries into two languages: Spanish (by default) and English (optional). This will be harder, but you have to internationalize 😉

Step by step I’ll upgrade older entries.