OMG!! A year without updating

Oh my god!!! I do not what just happened. Well, already I do. I have been very busy with a big project related to OpenShift, something about Amadeus (I know nothing) Amadeus innovates customer service with OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat

That is the deal, during next weeks I will be updating this site. I have something new to share with you:

  • About docker containers
  • A little bit of terraform
  • JBoss EAP 7, what is new
  • And another tutorial about OpenShift, now with version 3

Take it easy, we are on holidays season!!

RBAC (Role Based Access Control) in EAP 6.2 – Part I

New post. Recently I’ve been “forced” to upgrade this blog more often, and I’ll hope not something casual but becomes habit 😉


This post will discuss how to configure security in Web Management Console and CLI Management console restricting access depending on user role has. This will do with RBAC, which is defined on Security Guide as:

Is a mechanism for specifying a set of permissions for management users. It allows multiple users to share responsibility for managing JBoss EAP 6.2 servers without each of them requiring unrestricted access. By providing “separation of duties” for management users, JBoss EAP 6.2 makes it easy for an organization to spread responsibility between individuals or groups without granting unnecessary privileges. This ensures the maximum possible security of your servers and data while still providing flexibility for configuration, deployment, and management.

RBAC offers 7 Profiles (roles) that restrict the functions that a user can do:

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JBoss EAP 6 as RHEL 7 service

Not long ago, Red Hat made available 7.0 GA version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS.

One of the most important changes in RHEL 7 was managing services, wich in previous versions was managed with Upstart (based on System V) but now managing services is made with systemd.

The JBoss EAP 6 documentation only explain how to configure JBoss as a service based on System V, in this post I’ll show step by step how do it in systemd.

Another change is about firewall, RHEL 7 comes with firewalld (also keeps iptables, but it is preferred to use firewalld), so I’ll explain how to configure firewalld to access JBoss.

Let’s go:

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JBoss EAP 6 como servicio en RHEL 7

Hace relativamente poco tiempo Red Hat ha puesto a disposición la versión 7.0 GA de su sistema operativo Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Uno de los cambios más notables en RHEL 7 (ya ahondaré en otro post) es la gestión de servicios que pasa de Upstart (basado en System V) a systemd. Dado que en la documentación oficial de JBoss EAP 6 sólo explica cómo configurar JBoss como servicio basado en SysV recojo en este post los pasos a seguir para configurarlo en systemd.

Otro de los cambios existentes es acerca del firewall, RHEL 7 viene con firewalld (sí, también con iptables, pero se dejará de usar), así que explicaré como configurar firewalld para poder acceder a JBoss.


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