Openshift Origin, JBoss-AS-7 and my headache :'(

Arrgghh, one of the things that bothers  me most  is the unfinished tasks…

While I learn OpenShift Enterprise I decided to setup 2 virtual machines to test OpenShift Origin (community version), and I appreciate the enterprise support.

Install time of  OpenShift Enterprise over RHEL 6.5 of 1 “broker” machine (responsible of infrastructure), and 1 “node” machine (responsible of gears and application stacks), and configuring instaling the cartridges jboss-eap, php, python, cron, mysql, postgresql: about 4 hours.

Install time of  OpenShift Origin over Centos  6.5 of 1 “broker” machine (responsible of infrastructure), and 1 “node” machine (responsible of gears and application stacks), and configuring installing the cartridges jboss-as, php, python, cron, mysql, postgresql: about 6 hours.; buuuut, here resides the problem, there is a dependency error in OpenShift Origin  repository with the jboss cartridge. And is impossible to finish installation.

Well, I’ll try to find a solution, but unhurried. If someone is interested here is the OpenShift Origin installation I’m preparing a mega-tutorial.

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