Docker containers: Adding code


Modifying the image

The last post showed how to download a Tomcat docker image and to deploy a container from it. We were able to have a Tomcat web application server, but we could not access the manager console because it was not configured on the image. Tomcat uses a xml file to configure users and roles to access the server, is named tomcat-users.xml under the directory ${TOMCAT_DIR}/conf. The base image file content is:

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Introduction to Docker containers

>> Today is Wednesday and David didn’t publish the OpenShift tutorial’s 4th part, but now he want to talk about Docker. Is it the Armageddon?

>> I have no response for last question but I can explain why there is no tutorial this week. Due a particular labor issue I’ve decided to pause the OpenShift v3 Mega Tutorial.

>> When it will be back?

>>I neither have the response but maybe two or three weeks from now

>>And what I will do meanwhile?

>> Well  during this pause I’m going to talk about Docker and Ansible, because there were many requests and also will help us to go deeper in OpenShift v3



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